Lambeau is located on the Atlantic Coast of Tobago ideally positioned between Crown Point in the south and the main town of Scarborough. The airport at Crown Point is 15 minutes drive from Lambeau with flights arriving from Trinidad hourly and international flights from the UK and North America coming in several times a week.

Scarborough, the capital of Tobago, is also a 15 minute drive from Lambeau. There is a ferry service to and from Trinidad twice daily at the port in Scarborough with very reasonable fares. Scarborough is also home to most of the banks, the post office, the museum and the hospital. Shopping, while not a priority in Scarborough, is available, with many small shops offering everything from clothing to household items. Within a five minute drive from Three Palms is a mall offering several shops, movie theatres, a pharmacy, a bookstore and a bank.

Associated with the Three Palms, is Shore Things Cafe and Craft Shop, located just 7 minutes away, where one can find local craft and souvenirs while having a lunch overlooking the Atlantic. Shore Things Cafe is best known for its home baked breads and pastries as well fresh juices and an array of desserts. Guests may order from the menu for pick up or delivery after 6pm.